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My projects

All the projects that I've ever done are protected by NDA, so the deliverables are not shown.

Understanding the segment

Home renovation app

Goal: understand the needs of a particular user segment

My role: User Researcher 

Methods: in-depth interviews, online-survey, desk research, JTBD

Deliverables: detailed description of the segment, it's jobs and behaviours, CJM and recommendations.

Impact: the research results helped the product team to define the strategy and develop an MVP of a product tailored for this segment as well as create a backlog for future development. 

Duration: 30 days


First session. Increasing conversion

Home renovation app

Goal: understand how people make a decision about choosing this type of software; identify any issues that might reduce conversion

My role: User Researcher

Methods: user interviews with new users

Deliverables: report with listing of the things that are important for users during decision making process and detailed description of the issues prioritised

Impact: 21 issues were discovered (9 of them of high severity). From the research results the team was able to understand which parts of the user journey should be improved to increase the conversion rate

Duration: 1,5 weeks


Interface for call centre operators


Goal: understand how operator's interface could be improved to increase the call processing speed and reduce mistakes

My role: User Researcher, Project Manager

Methods: contextual inquiry

Deliverables: report with detailed description of the operator's work, their needs and recommendations on the interface

impact: the company received a ready to use new structure of the operator's knowledge base with easy to use navigation and the main interface that increases call processing speed thus saving company's money

Duration: 1,5 months (including drawing out of the new interface)


Identifying user segments

Home renovation app

Goal: define primary and secondary segments of the users, their patterns, barriers and requirements.

My role: User Researcher 

Methods in-depth interviews, online-survey

Deliverables: detailed description of the segments and their behaviours, CJM and recommendations.

Impact: the company was able to define the strategy for targeting each user segment and developing the product according to key segments requirements.

Duration: 22 days

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